Matryoshka (or Babushka) Doll premium quality nesting set of 5 medium 16cm


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  • matryoshka 5 sets .

  • the height of the first doll is 16 sm

  • Set consists of 5 dolls .

  • hand-painted with gouache and tempera paints,

  • covered with Finnish varnish

    Each matryoshka was created with great love, the beauty of each matryoshka is beyond words, you need to see it, hold it in your hands and feel it, because in reality they are even more beautiful , and the smell of wood and paint is simply fascinating!!! You can admire each matryoshka for hours, they are a real work of art, decorate the interior and give a unique flavor, warmth and comfort! Made of natural wood, hand-painted with watercolors, tempera, glossy lacquer, potal gold. Author's work with images of winter scenes.


    Materials: basswood, watercolor, lacquer glossy, gold leaf gold

    Size: The height of the first Matryoshka is 16cm

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