Santa Pick Me Up inflatable costume XU1151


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Item Inflatable Santa Pick Me Up

Material Environmental PU coating polyester cloth

Color As the picture

Weight 724 g


Clothing will be equipped with a fan and battery box, you need to prepare 4 AA batteries, put the battery into the battery box, and then wear a good clothing, open the switch can be inflated, inflatable fast, usually about 20 seconds can To achieve full effect, which do not turn off the fan, the fan needs to continue to work to maintain full shape, with the new Nanfu battery test, almost can continue to use about 4 hours.


Although the clothing material is waterproof, but the clothing cuff collar is tightened tightened, water, then the water or will enter the clothing inside, the fan can not touch the water, so the clothing can not be used in the water. Long-term use down, if some stains, you need to hand wash or wipe stains can be

Package included:

1 x Inflatable Santa Pick Me Up



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