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7.5hr Top quality dripless and smokeless candles

25cm (10″) ivory taper dinner candles, from Bolsius candles.? These simple ivory dinner candles are made with a conical foot to ensure an easy fit in your candle holders.? Great for use on the dinner table, and around the home, these ivory dinner candles are ideal for use all year round.

Bolsius, who make these 25cm tall taper candles, have an approximate 150 year history in the candlemaking industry, having started initially by making wax for candles manufactured by the Church and religious organisations. ?Now their range includes a wide variety of popular everyday candles which are sold around the world.

The ivory taper candle is synonymous with the word candle and, in our opinion, the ?classic? candle.? We feel that if you think about candles, the first thing that comes to mind is the 25cm or 10? ivory dinner candle.

The tapered form is the easiest of all candle shapes to produce; made, basically, by repeatedly dipping a straight cotton wick into, and slowly removing it from, a pot of melted wax ? the cooling wax sticks to the wick as it is lifted from the pot.? The tapered shape forms as the bottom of the candle spends more time in the melted wax than the top, therefore, more wax builds up at the base of the candle forming the taper shape.? Between each dip the wax is allowed to cool, to allow the candle to grow and to ensure the wax does not simply re-melt back into the pot.

Ivory has been the colour of candles for centuries as ivory, or off-white, is the colour of unrefined fats, waxes and beeswax, the materials from which candles were originally made.? As the wax refinement process advanced candles then became available in white, later, as wax dyes were developed, other coloured candles?became more popular.

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